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What is the START test and what will happen during a START session?

Allan Hancock College is committed to your success as a student; therefore, we have developed a matriculation program called START to assist you. The START program includes an assessment of your basic skills in reading comprehension, sentence skills, and math; an orientation to the college; and advising by academic counselors regarding your course selection.

Each part of the program is important to your success at Allan Hancock College. The START process is designed for you if you plan to obtain a degree, a certificate, or transfer to a university, or if you are undecided about your educational goal. START assessment scores are used to advise you of your skill levels and are not used to determine your admission to Allan Hancock College.

  1. You will take the online ACCUPLACER computerized placement test. No computer skills are needed to take the computerized test. The tests assess your skills in reading, sentence skills and mathematics. An online calculator will appear on the screen for each question that allows the use of a calculator. If you have not attended Allan Hancock College recently, you will view the New Student Orientation on the computer after you have completed the test.
  2. After assessment, you will have an opportunity to individually meet with a counselor to discuss your course placement. Placement into English and math classes is based upon test scores and other measures, which may include your high school grade point average, your highest level math course, grade, and length of time since you completed the course. 

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