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How do I forward my Hancock College email to my personal email?

How to forward your Hancock Email to Another Email Account:

  1. Login to myHancock
  2. Click on the Email icon and login to your Office 365 email account
  3. Click Settings (gear icon in the upper right-hand of your screen). 
  4. Under Your app settings - Click Mail.
  5. Under Accounts on the left, click Forwarding
  6. Under the "Forwarding" heading, select Start Forwarding
  7. Type the email address you wish to forward your mail (e.g., gmail, hotmail, etc.)
  8. You have the option to keep a copy of all forwarded messages in your Office365 account. Note: if you do not select this, nothing sent to your Hancock email account will be saved in your AHC 365 account mailbox
  9. Select Save.

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