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What is your grading policy?

Student achievement is evaluated in relation to the attainment of the specific objectives of a course. At the beginning of a course, the instructor will explain these objectives and the basis upon which grades will be determined.  Grade definitions are as follows:

A   Excellent attainment of course objectives

B   Good attainment of course objectives

C   Satisfactory attainment of course objectives

D   Passing, less than satisfactory attainment

of course objectives

F   Failing

I   Incomplete. Satisfactory but incomplete work for unforeseeable, emergency and justifiable reasons

W   Withdrawal. This grade may be assigned upon student petition or may be assigned by the instructor.

P   Pass, at least satisfactory (C or better)

NP   No-pass, less than satisfactory or failing

RD   Report Delayed. Assigned only by the director, admissions and records


Grade Point and Grade Point Average

Allan Hancock College uses the same system of grade points which the four-year colleges and universities use to give an overall appraisal of a student’s level of achievement.

A - 4 grade points per unit earned

B - 3 grade points per unit earned

C - 2 grade points per unit earned

D - 1 grade point per unit earned

F - 0 grade points per unit earned

P, NP, W and I—not included in computing GPA


The grade point average (GPA) is determined by multiplying the grade points for each unit times the number of units and then dividing the total units attempted into the total grade points received. (P, I, W, NP are not included in the GPA computation).


Allan Hancock College annotates two grade point averages on a student’s academic transcript. The Allan Hancock College cumulative GPA is based on all units attempted and units earned in all AHC credit courses. The degree applicable total is based on the total number of units attempted and units earned in Allan Hancock College degree applicable credit courses.  Students are expected to monitor their own grade point averages to ensure that their scholarship meets individual program, financial aid or transfer requirements. Veterans should refer to the Veterans’ Bulletin.

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