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How do I access Blackboard?

You can access Blackboard through the AHC portal at

Click on the Blackboard icon in the upper right and it will take you directly into Blackboard.

You can also access Blackboard directly at and follow the log on instructions.

Note: Distance learning staff highly recommends that you go through the AHC portal as it will automatically log you in.

Once you have logged into the system, you will see the “Home” and “Courses” tab.

  • The “Home tab should list the Blackboard courses in  which you are enrolled in.  It will also display announcements, calendar entries, and tasks for all your Blackboard courses.
  • The “Courses” tab will also display a list of your Blackboard courses.

Whichever tab you decide to use, click on the name of the class to enter the course.

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